Sunday, December 28, 2008


Know how the song goes . . . "It's the hap, happiest season of all . . . " ? Well it is the sad, saddest time of all for me at our house, the after Christmas season.

The Christmas music is off the radio, the gifts are gone from under the tree and good cheer is in short supply once more. Don't even get me started on facing the dreaded New Year resolutions - a.k.a. facing the scale! LOL We are however left with the memories, and thought I would share just a couple with you.

I ask you, "is there anything better than coffee and chocolate mixed together"? I recived this special treat in my stocking, Starbucks Espresso gingerbread truffles! They are devine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave one to DH, have missed it ever since.

We are a tad odd at our house and me and DS have the same sense of humor, an odd one - LOL Upon seeing the neck from the turkey carcase in the fridge, DS asks me, "what are you saving that for, going crabbing"? LOL LOL LOL Sorry, some low country humor there. LOL LOL LOL Sorry, still cracks me up!
Speaking of New Year Resolutions and leftovers, I am on a mission on tightening our purse strings even further. I know I have mentioned it in the past, but I have figured out our grocery budget to a penny and am going to stick to no more than $7 per a dinner for 6 people, 2 adults - 2 teenagers and 2 young children. I think that is high, but just can't seem to do it lower every night. So in the up coming year I will posting menus with dollar amounts and recipes as well. My first one is dinner tonight - Curried Turkey Salad, made with what else - leftover turkey!
Curried Turkey Salad
3c. chopped up turkey - free/turkey was a gift from friend for holiday
2 stalks celery - .20C
1/4 cup frozen pea's thawed - .10C
1/3 c. mayo (I use Smart Balance - won't compromise that) - .20C
2 TBS. sour cream - .08C
2 tsp. lemon juice - .o2C
1 1/2 tsp. curry powder
1/2 tsp. ground cumin total for all spices is .10C
1/4 tsp. each salt and pepper
1/8 tsp. each cinnamon and nutmeg
1/2 c. slivered almonds (I used crushed pecans because that is what I had in the house) - free/ gift from friend last holiday season and just now using last of what was in freezer
bed of lettuce - I used 1/2 head romaine - .74C
Total = $1.48
I am also going to toss in a 1/3 cup organic unsulphered dried cherries, I get these from a food co-op and keep them in the house for granola and what not. So add another $1.67 . Also going to toast up some English muffins I got at church today, we have a bread program (day old), so also free.
Making my new total $3.08. Not bad and the kids will pick at this. I might however get crazy and throw in a can of soup that is rattling around my pantry to add to mine and DH dinner for an additional $1.27. So our grand total for dinner tonight is . . . drum roll? $4.35 Now that does not include tax for my state, so food would have an extra 9.5% or another .44C so I guess real total is $4.79. I know took me a bit getting use to also, seeing as how we moved from a state with no food tax. Thought DH would pass out at the register the first time we grocery shopped down here! LOL
Now toss turkey, peas and celery in big bowl and set aside. Mix remaining ingredients except nuts and lettuce together in small bowl. Pour over turkey mixture and chill well. Mix nuts in right before serving, and serve on a bed of lettuce! YUM
Makes 4 servings
Will try to post a pic and a response from family here tomorrow.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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