Friday, December 19, 2008

Cracked up

I have been suffering in pain for well over 4 months and decided today to do something about it. I have had this hip/sciatic nerve pain, and it gets worse at night. The longer I put it off the worse it got, surprise right? It's to the point that for the past month or so I can't even sleep. I get a fiery hot pain down my left leg/hip and when I sit up it feels like a steel dagger is being shoved up my spine. Well I have had back/hip problems since my middle dd was born, I blame the back labor. Anyway, I have always had success with the chiropractor. But our new insurance doesn't cover it, and they raised their price :( Not sure why today was the day, but I just couldn't take the pain and lack of sleep anymore. So marched myself down their and gave myself an early Christmas gift. Now I am kicking myself for putting off for so long. Guess I get my martyrdom from my mom. Anyway, I always feel worse when he is done, but feel better in the long run if that makes sense. He told me my 4Th lumbar was out of place and the inflammation was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. I have no idea what all that means, just glad it wasn't in my head - LOL Well I felt and heard it go back in place and felt like a car ran over me! I jumped off the table and told the poor Dr. that I didn't feel any better. Wish you could have seen his face! Looked like someone kicked his dog. He recovered his dismay at meeting someone so forward and told me that I would start to feel better after the inflammation went down. He was right! HALLELUJAH!! I am still sore, but I can tell it is already a bit better. Why o' why am I so pig headed? I was certainly worth the price of that adjustment! Moral of the story . . . take care of yourself, be good to yourself. Your martyrdom isn't helping anyone, in fact it is most likely making you cranky and you will be giving the rest of the family a gift as well if you take care of yourself!

Blessings, Beth Ann


Queen-Size funny bone said...

You can say that again.

Rona's Home Page said...

Congratulations! I've been suffering from severe chronic pain for 8 years.
It's great to hear that your pain goes away after a treatment.
I'm on pain meds and the occasional injection.