Thursday, December 04, 2008

A book that spoke to me . . .

I have been reading the Nancy Atherton series, Aunt Dimity. Today I finished the 11Th book in the series, and as yet my favorite by far; "Aunt dimity and the deep blue sea". I won't boar you with details and opinionated synopsis, but I did want to share a little quote from the end of the book that spoke to me.
"Do you think he's . . . tainted the cottage?" I asked. "Bill wants to cut down the old hedge where he hid,,, Dimity, He says it'll always remind him of how close Abaddon came to killing us."
It's pointless to fight evil by destroying life.
"How do we fight it, then?" I demanded.
We kiss out children. We make sticky lemon cake for our husband. WE cherish our friends. We leave the garden hedge standing tall, to serve as a haven for birds and mice and spiders. We defeat evil every time we commit an act of kindness. When necessary, we hit it with a rock.
"I get it." I nodded slowly. "Fill each day with acts of grace, but keep a rock handy, just in case."
This spoke volumes to me as it seemed to be addressing my issues as to how I felt when our home was broken into and robbed 8 weeks ago. I love my home, it has "good vibes" if you know what I mean. I didn't want to blame my house for what had happened, but I did have issues with my "turf" being violated. Just the thought of someone of bad intent walking around inside while we were all gone, going through our things . . .
Is it to much to just want to feel safe and comfortable in your own little place in the world? Out of all things stolen, that has been the worse. We are still processing this and healing has begun, lets pray for the evil in this world .
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Smelling Coffee said...

So sorry your home was invaded in that way. When I was 8, our home was broken into, and I well remember the healing process of feeling safe in the one place where everyone should be able to feel that way. I'll be praying for your family - and I see why that passage from the book spoke so profoundly to you. Blessings to you... Jennifer