Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here comes the sun . . .

Hi all, just wanted to let all know that we survived the Tornado warning and straight line winds here. Just some tense moments and downed limbs in the back yard. One of the branched punctured our pool cover when it fell, and now we will have a mess when we open the pool. Bummer, it was a new cover too. You would think after seven years of this every spring it would get easier, not! I hate when I am the only adult home and it's my call to hit the basement or not.

On a brighter note, middle dd wasn't here to join the fun, she is spending the day in Chattanooga with grandpa D and grandma S. There is an old wood steam boat (last one) docking for the last time (Delta Queen) before being turned into a hotel, and they wanted a tour. Turned it into a field trip for the kids and will have them do a report. Oldest ds ended up not going, and was bummed that I still made him do the report. What else is the Internet good for?

Not much else exciting and new. Spent yesterday going over my garden plans and getting my Burpee seed order ready to go. Also spent some time with the kids talking about this coming falls curriculum (assuming they both pass this year! LOL). In general just trying to organize where our tax return money will go. Should also be able to pay off the orthodontist, which is good since the braces come off in about four months. Speaking of teeth, I need two more crowns. Hope they are made out of gold and jewel encrusted at the price I have to pay!

Here is something interesting to share: I was reading our local paper yesterday and there was an article on food budgeting and saving money at the store. Oh good I think. Ha. Well the article starts off at the begining, good place to start, how much is enough? How do you know how much you should be spending at the store? The article sites a 2008 study by the USDA and gives these figures, for a family of 4 on a thrifty plan - they spend an average of $121.40 a week. Huh? That is thrifty? I am now more than ever impressed at my own efforts of $75 for a family of 6 a week. If I spent the $121 a week the monthly total would be almost one whole bi-weekly paycheck of my DH! That would leave only one check a month to pay the mortgage, utilities and so on. Have you all had your utilities go up too? I know I have mentioned before how we can't figure out how we stay afloat, but it's always impressive when we are reminded. It is truly the grace of God. He always provides, just enough. DH did a car job on his day off (yes we count all this on our taxes) and a friend asked me if we just bank the money since it's not part of his weekly income. Wish we could, but something is always on the brink, so I look at this also as a gift from God. Last Monday God gave DH a car job so we could keep our phone turned on. Once again, we are not living on easy street or eating steak every night, but because of God's grace we have a roof over our heads, cloths on our backs and haven't missed any meals. We even sneak in some fun. We manage to come up with money for pool chemicals, camping trips, cook outs, book clubs, church activities and fellowship. You get the idea. I just didn't want you to picture us all huddled together wearing rags and eating beans - LOL We live a simple life and we know happiness isn't having what you want, but wanting what you have.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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thanks for the reminder, glad all are well.