Friday, February 27, 2009

Son update

Just wanted to let everyone know that oldest son seems to be getting better, a little each day. He tires easily and feels weak. He can't sleep laying flat because of drainage and still can't handle anything more than soup or ice cream. We have had a steady stream of visitors and well wishers. He didn't go to church last Wed. but I took the younger three. The church sent me home with cards, balloons and ice cream (Hagendaze!) for Z! Yesterday he brought out all the cards he has received since this whole ordeal started and went over them with DH and myself. I could tell he was . . . proud? Not sure that is the word or feeling to convey his feelings, that so many people cared about him. I for one am overwhelmed and grateful. Many children my sons age and older seem to turn their backs on the church that they were raised with as they enter the "real" world, and need their parents less. The statistic's are staggering and alarming. I am hoping that this event will solidify his awareness of a community of Christians that draw together to help others in times of need. I guess what I am trying to say is that this example will make God's love for him more "real" when he feels tested. I know I am not being articulate here, sorry. I myself am feeling tired and exhausted by everyday duties and tasks. How long does it take to make up a weeks worth of sleep you have missed? Keep us in your prayers.

Blessings, Beth Ann


Anonymous said...

so glad he's doing better!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I hope your all able to take some moments to have piece and quiet.