Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ummmmmmm . . .

Hi. I just felt the need to post something, anything. I guess I could also say Brrrrrrrrr! LOL It has been in the teens the past couple of mornings and I am definitely looking forward to the warmer temps (60's) predicted for this weekend! I mean there was a reason after all that we moved from northern MI :)

Anyway, sorry there has been so few posts. Not much new and exciting here. That's a good thing right? We have been doing the home school thing, 100 day tomorrow - YEA! LOL I have been working on refining our new budget ($75 a week), Wed. night bible study, book club and a new Thur. bible study. I joined the second bible study in an effort to know our new Pastor and wife as she is the one hosting it. But I love it, as it is less formal then Wed. and allows for more fellowship on smaller level as most members work during the day. I also love our new Pastor and wife. I was initially concerned about them and my own person hopes for the growth of our church. But God has a way of making it all work out in the wash as the saying goes. I didn't have a very close relationship with our last Pastor and his family, so this is truly a blessing and makes me and my family feel even more like part of our church's extended family. They are hosting a showing of the movie "Fireproof" at their place for the next couple of week-ends. I think it's great to get to experience this awesome testimony of God's love and prevision for us in such an intimate setting, only 3 couples at a time. We saw this movie last year when it theaters and if I was better on this computer I would find a way to link you to that post! Anyway, It is such a strong movie that I even recommended that maybe the youth group be given the chance to view it as they are on the brink of entering serious relationships themselves. As we all know society has given the impression (every chance they get) that relationships are disposable, hopefully this movie will be a tool to teach otherwise. Nuff said, check out the movie, it out on DVD now.

Not much else happening here. DH is working (praise the LORD) and still doing side jobs on cars. After getting our taxes done last week, we have determined that only his side jobs and the grace of God keep us afloat. Even the lady preparing our taxes looked at us and asked how we make it with that many kids on that kind of money! We fall well more than half way past the poverty line for a family of six. The thing is we don't feel like we are doing with out most times. Sure there has been a few times that things had to wait of got to close for comfort or we just did with out. What else are you going to do when the utility companies are fleecing America? But we still have a roof over our head, haven't missed a meal and have no credit card debt. What more can you ask for? Love? Have it in spades down here from all our friends and church family. Worry is the work of the devil and we just need to remember that God always gives us enough, not extra, but what we need now, not want but need and just enough!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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