Friday, March 13, 2009


I have crawled out of the big comfy recliner long enough to give everyone an update on all us sickys. OK, I had to get up because the home health nurse came to check on DS - LOL Z seems to be holding even, not great, but not worse. His b/p is still pretty low and drops remarkably when he stands. And due to the tonsillectomy he still has no appetite. DS lost sixteen pounds in the past four weeks, and he was "skinny" to start with. So we need to push fluids and try to get him to eat iron rich foods, wish me luck. Z went back to the ENT specialist yesterday for a recheck and this time they actually looked down his throat. They couldn't see any more bleeding in that area, again, pray for us. Z is just now starting to have brown poo again, never thought that would be exciting huh? LOL Z has another appointment on Wed. with our family doc and he will check his blood level then. Cross your fingers.

As for the rest of us . . . It seems as if all us girls are sick. With the mono I am just sooooooo tired. If I sit down - I fall asleep! Both girls are tired and crabby and eating mostly soup. As for the guys . . . DH thinks he is getting an ulcer over all this. Z is having anxiety attacks when it is bedtime and youngest son just has a cold. So, who wants to come to our house to visit? LOL LOL LOL

Seriously, our church family has been a life saver, they come over - yea! Such a blessing to have a few meals brought over and people to see if they can help with errands and what not. The home health care people come over too, another huge blessing! Our insurance isn't great, but we feel blessed we have it and that it covers a home nurse for our son. If we didn't haven insurance would we have gotten the care at the three hospital trips that we did? Scary question. And without the nurse coming (we have a co-pay on that, but still . . . ) I am not sure any of us would sleep and I would be taking Z's b/p myself every half hour or so. So while many potentially life threatening mishaps occurred during the past 4 weeks, we are trying to focus on the blessings. My friendship with a lady at church has cemented in a way I would never have imagined a year ago, heck even six months ago. Now I would not only trust her with my life but that of each and everyone of my kids. If I asked her for a kidney tonight, she would have it to me yesterday. I only hope I can be the friend to her that she has been to me. As a family we have also grown closer to our new pastor and his wife, a true blessing. We were unsure of this couple when they came to our church, but they have shown themselves to be warm, loving, caring and have made us feel as if we are a "real" family. Thank you God for bringing us to TN. and putting these people in our lives.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Hope everyone is on the mend soon!