Thursday, March 05, 2009

Doc's and dentist's

It seems like every day this week I have either been at the doctor's or the dentist. Well in middle dd case, orthodontist. You can distinguish between the two by the amount you write your check for! LOL Good news, only about 2 more months and her braces come off! I am so thrilled you would think I had been wearing them. The amount of time I spent hounding her in the use and care of them, I would have been less worn down if I HAD been the one wearing them!

Today the twins went in for their six month check up, they did great! They were perfect angles, why is that? At home they are little terrors, always into something. Take them out and, bingo - sweet as can be. Does this happen to anyone else? E looked so cool in her shades while waiting for the dentist I had to take this pic.

They treated E like a princess. She has sunglasses to protect her eyes and laytex gloves so she can help. Too cute :)

Tomorrow oldest ds goes for a post surgery check up with the NET specialist. I am sure he is doing great and will get a green light. My ds only cares if he can drink soda again or not. So typical. He has gone almost two weeks with no soda and he thinks it is the end of the world. I on the other hand keep pointing out to him how much better his acne looks. Am I mean or what?

Well I went to the doc yesterday and found out that if you have already had mono you can't get it again. He checked me over and couldn't say conclusively what the deal is. He is leaning towards a thyroid problem. So I had to go over to the lab and give them all my blood and half my urine. Then they said, don't call us, we'll call you. So that is where that stands.

Well it is sixty - five wonderful warm sunny degree's here and I am going to take the twins out to play in the yard and ride their bikes. The older kids are at a teen library meeting and DH went to pick up a used Camero he just bought. He sold his truck because he said it was ugly and needed work. Since the Camero also needs work I can only assume that it is NOT ugly. After all, it's not like the truck was a FAMILY vehicle or anything. Think we will be using the Camero to go to church Sunday?

Stay warm where ever you are and have a blessed day, Beth Ann

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

Good for her. I had braces for over 6 years. I had some very bad buck teeth. wait till they come off and she feels how smooth they feel with her tongue. amazing.