Thursday, August 06, 2009

Happy Feet

See this flip flop? It's a happy flip flop! Guess where it's going . . . (Jeopardy music playing . . . ) one hint, these are camping flip flops . . . That's right! Those flop flops are going camping tomorrow! (so is the foot in it - well, the rest of me too) I know, I feel silly too. I spent the day buying the food, loading the food and all my luggage and accouterments of home. Tomorrow we're off! The church ladies (about half of our group) and myself are heading north to Defeated Creek and the weather is rumored to be in the 90's with only a 10% chance of rain. So, food, wine, fine weather, good friends, a lake and no men or children; what else could one ask for?
Blessings, Beth Ann
P.S. Please pray we all come back still friends : )

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Casey said...

Sounds like paradise... have a great time.