Monday, November 16, 2009

Here they are . . .

OK, I know many of you have been waiting, patiently,for some vacation photo's. I picked them up yesterday, did they raise the price? Anyway, here they are . . . My family on Edisto Island, South Carolina.

My three youngest darlings, hanging out : )

Picture postcard perfect, flip flops on the beach. If you look closely you will see a mismatched pair of crocks, yea that's our twins sons', what a rebel - LOL

I call this pic 'scruffy hubby and drugged dogie'. They both look happy though.

Here is oldest son up a tree, what a monkey.

Here is a Loggerhead sea turtle nest. The island is a nesting site from May to the end of October.
Well that's the first instalment. I will post some more pic's in a day or so.
Blessings,Beth Ann

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