Monday, November 02, 2009

Menu plan Monday ~ 11/02/09

November? Seriously? Huh.
I guess it struck me full force when perusing the local sale flyer's and saw both whole turkeys and cranberries on sale. Have you seen the price of fresh cranberries not on sale? Are they growing them differently? A bog is a bog is a bog, right? Anyway, sigh, guess I will still factor that in next weeks shopping and still stick to my $75 budget, including holiday food fare. Just want to mention a note here on that: I was going to try and make my world famous cheese ball for a Halloween party last week, but couldn't fit it in the budget. Just when I was wondering what I could sub, a friend gifted me a new product she had tried, a fresh (cooked noodles) pasta salad kit! Awesome. It was yummy, but I felt the need to embellish it a bit so added my own chopped up celery and carrots(the kit came with fresh broccoli and diced red onion). Wonderful! Then I thought, "needs protein". So I threw in some white beans w/pork seasoning, truly incredible. It made about 8 good size servings and was an unexpected hit at the party! Just wanted to say, don't ever feel tempted to overspend to 'make' and event. Stick to your budget and gradually you will learn to make wonderful things from what you have, including friends!
Breakfast: Pineapple corn muffins
Sausage egg cups
Amaranth porridge
Amazing blueberry and banana muffins
Hominy cheese patties
Sweet potato muffins
Lunch: P.B. & J
Turkey dogs
Tuna fish
grilled cheese
Mac & Cheese
Dinner: Crockpot stuffed cabbage and beef w/corn bread
Spaghetti w/ tossed salad
Church/ dinner and bible study
Bratwurst w/ Spanish rice and black eyed peas
BBQ lentils over mashed pot w/mixed veggies
Beef and Barley soup w/home made dinner rolls
Baked chicken w/steamed rutabaga and green beans
I will try to post a couple of the recipes. Wish I could figure out the link thing, since I already posted the recipe for the blueberry muffins two weeks ago. I will keep trying. Whats for dinner at your house? For more MPM visit
Blessings, Beth Ann

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