Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holy smokes!

Here is another chapter in our vacation story. . . While camping we try to cook outside the motor home as much as possible. Main reason is space, but some foods just aren't compatible, such as bacon. Husband had been banned from cooking bacon inside on a previous trip, so now fires up his portable Coleman on the picnic table when we have BLT'S (oldest sons most favorite food). I never gave it a second thought on this trip when he prepared to do the same again, imagine my surprise when I heard shouts outside as I was busy inside chopping the L and T! Apparently some of the grease caught fire and set our canopy a flame!

Here is a shot of the canopy, after the flames and all the shouting.

This picture is looking straight up through our new sun roof.
It doesn't look to bad from this angle and it was handy for catching rain in a glass to see the inches with the kids - LOL

Yet another shot, this one taken from the motor home steps.

And there is the offending culprit, small little guy isn't he?
Good times, Good times. These memories are what family vacations are all about!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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