Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Every year I have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. I think it is the weather and lack of snow. I had 33 years of white Christmas before we moved down here and it's hard to get out of that mentality. Might be easier on a beach, but here it was wet,rainy, windy and blah. But on Christmas eve I found my groove. I ran out to do errands bright and early, so did the rest of the town - LOL I don't think anyone drove into the 'city'. I took oldest son with me for some one on one time, but he got hijacked at his work when we stopped there to do a gift exchange. So he stayed to work and I finished the shopping. Went home where 3 eager helpers awaited me. The four of us donned aprons and proceeded to mix, stir, bake and decorate the rest of the day into the afternoon. The Christmas music filled the house as the vision of my children filled my heart and catapulted me into the meaning of the holiday. We quickly cleaned up and went to church for a candle light service followed by a family dinner. Hubby had to work but made it home for dinner and we opened Christmas cards from our oldest dd and the kids Nana and papa. I went to bed exhausted but with a smile on my face : )

Took this picture of my middle dd helping with dishes, what a blessing!

Here is a Christmas tray a dear friend gave me this year . . .

Filled the tray with lots of goodies : )

Middle dd and her best friend

We were blessed to have best friend and her mother join our family for Christmas dinner!

All these pictures represent what made the holiday special for us, friends, family and good memories.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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