Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten day until . . .

CHRISTMAS! Where does the time go? Remember when we were kids and winter break at school seemed to last forever? Now . . . I am still trying to recover from our Memorial Day/twins b-day : low country boil party! LOL

Last week was the third Advent Sunday of the season, the candle of JOY. The twins were asked to portray the holy family. They were pretty excited right up until it was time to walk up on the daises. Mary had a wardrobe malfunction and Joseph had to be given a good shove, but they did it and we were all proud :)

Not much else new and exciting here, praise the LORD! Oldest son is working extra the next 10 days leading up to Christmas. The vet he works with also houses his niece who is an award winning pet groomer. Apparently everyone wants a pretty pooch for for the holidays : ) Usually he just does pick-up work for her for some extra cash. I guess big dogs need extra hands : ) Anyway, he is pretty happy with the thought of extra bucks before his b-day (1/14). He is trying to save for a new pay per-go phone. Anyone who knows Z knows why, and why he can't be trusted with a reg. cell phone. Another life lesson learned on the teenage road to maturity : )

I made my world famous Pineapple Corn muffins yesterday and also a 'Greek pot roast'. I also made a new recipe 'Reuben Casserole'. The main ingredient here is corn beef if you couldn't guess. This usually a bit pricey for us, but I was gifted some corn beef. I will post the recipes tomorrow.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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