Friday, December 04, 2009

Hello's and Goodbye's

I have been putting off writing this post for about four days and now that I am feeling a little better it's time to share. This past Tuesday we had to put our big dog, Hershey, down. We had been having issues with him for the past nine months or so. I can only describe them as anxiety attacks that were turning aggressive and were totally random. On Tuesday he nipped at our twin son and got his nose. Later in the evening, totally unprovoked, he once again attacked same son and got his eye. E is OK but will probably have a small scare and if the bite had been a millimeter more to the right, he would have lost his eye. For almost two days E's eye was swollen closed and he has a shiner. It broke our hearts but what else was there to do? We had already tried medication and he had seem to improve for about a month, but then he seemed to be steadily getting worse and even went after the smaller dogs. He even got hubby once, breaking the skin. That is what lead to the medican. Enough, guess I am just trying to make myself feel better by justifying it. In the end it was the hardest thing husband has ever had to do, but he have to lead an example to our children, even as pet owners.

This week also saw us welcoming a new, or maybe not so much so, edition. Her name is Izzy and she was another rescue from the vet. She is a beagle, doxin mix and is the most beautiful, sweetest dog I have ever met. Oh and she is a bed hog too - LOL Two different people from church tried her, but she wasn't a match. We had babysat her a few times, so she was familiar with us and our crew already. When the last set of foster parents called and said they couldn't do it for health reasons and didn't want her to go back to the 'pound', we took her. I know your thinking 'sucker', but actually she is good for the other two handicapped dogs. Having one in full use of all it's faculties is good for keeping them exercised and showing them how it 'should' be done! : ) I will try to post some pictures soon.

Hershey Dog 2002 - 2009 Good bye old friend
Blessings, Beth Ann

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