Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat Party

Well here they are, the long awaited birthday pictures of B's cat, Tina.  We had the party on Friday and it was very well attended, even though the birthday girl didn't want to be found or participate.  B eventually found her, dragged her in and did eat her cake.  The  whole time letting us know she was under duress.

Here is B making the cake out of Fancy Feast, and using my biscuit cutters.

Here is the finished product, hard food sprinkles and all! LOL

This is the best pic we got of the reluctant birthday girl.  Happy 2nd. b-day Tina.

Here are the cat nip party favors that B made the guests.  Big hit.

This is Bubbles, our paraplegic cat.  She was a party animal : )

And here is the new rescue kitten, 8 week old Nala.  In this pic she already looks 110% better than before.

There were 4 cat guests and 4 teenage guests in all.  The girls had chocolate ice cream that B bought with her own money that she earned doing yard work for a friend.  I deem this a success on many levels and am actually considering giving home school credit on this.  There were many lessons learned and the follow through and execution were well done.  A true blessing to all of us who know B.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Sandra said...

Good work B