Friday, September 24, 2010

Still here and still knitting

It's been a while since I blogged last.  Not much happening here, yet I'm always busy!  LOL  I guess the usual day to day stuff for a family of six keeps me that way.  Between family, home school, church, camping and crafts, I don't idle much : )  We are going on our last camping trip of the year, next week, to celebrate middle dd b-day.  It was her idea and since we are putting off our annul trip to S.C. until March, why not!  The weather here has been in the mid to high 90's for the past week, so should still be great for camping.  I can't believe that my B will be 14 and is a high schooler.   Seems like yesterday . . .
Today though she is planning a b-day party for her cat Tina, who is two.  Actually it seems longer, living with that white she devil/Siamese!  Anyway, B sat up late last night making cat nip party favors to hand out to all the other kitties/guests and is making a cake out of Fancy Feast.  Can we say spoiled?  B even knitted her cat a new swanky collar!  I will post some pic's of this soon.  And speaking of knitting . . .

My new project comes from this book, Charmed Knits, it should read.  We found this book at the library and son Z picked out a scarf.  

It is a striped scarf, knit in the round.  Making it a very thick scarf indeed.  The scarf/tube will have 19 stripes and the ends will be closed with matching tassels. 

These are the colors Z picked, royal blue and bronze.  I am now on stripe 9, so half way there!

Upcoming projects are socks.  Yes, trying it again and hopefully the dogs will not eat this pair!  Also, I will finely cast on for that pair of knitted cargo pants I have been eyeballing for six months now.  Not mention seasonal projects such as baby booties and such.  Will keep you posted ~

Blessings, Beth Ann

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