Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eat cake

Most families have a bunch of silly little traditions, mostly associated with holidays; ours is no different.  Every year for Valentines day I bake a hart shaped cake, and how can you not love that?!  Here is the easy peasy recipe:

Start with your favorite cake mix, we always choose Pillsbury valentine fun-fetti w/matching frosting, but and flavor will do.  Next, follow directions on box for mixing and pour half of batter into a 9" round and half into a 9" square cake pan.  Make sure to grease and flour well, since cakes must come out of pan.
Follow box for baking directions.  Let cool, then refrigerate for a couple of hours before frosting.

Next, empty cakes from pans onto a serving tray and slice round cake in half.
Turn square cake sideways, as to make a diamond.  Then place one half of round cake on either side, to look like a hart.

Now you may begin to frost with your choice of frosting.
You can fill in any cracks or unevenness with the frosting; no one will mind a little extra!

Now you have a frosted hart to share with your Valentine : )

You can use this as a clean slate to decorate any way you choose, sprinkles, candy or even write a message with gel frosting.

Our frosting came with candy sprinkles for the holiday.

This yummy treat was a special dessert for 8 people with leftovers.

I bought the mix and frosting at our Dollar General Market for $3.  When is the last time you did that?  Stay tuned:  this Sat. is another $5 coupon day at the $GM!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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