Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting ~

After 9 years of living in our home, we are painting the downstairs!  To be fair, it is the last on our list of home fix uppers.  Since her purchase in July of '02 we have resided the house, put in all new windows, added a carport and an RV port.  We also added a screened in back deck, pool and deck.  Only a year after our arrival we were notified of the impeding arrival of twins, so the upstairs had to be redone, good-bye home office.  We also have painted Z's room, the bath room and the kitchen.   Bre's room will be next, but that's for her b-day, so maybe we shouldn't discusses that.  I love, love, love this house.  When we bought it the downstairs looked like it was permanently stuck in the early 80's (think sky blue, light mauve and white country geese) and the upstairs was left in the 50's  (think bad, peeling wallpaper with green leafs and vines)  I am proud to say we have given the old girl (1949) a face lift, two new doors, the yard fenced in and some outside wiring helped too.   So to help document this, here are some pic's of living room being painted:

Here is our handyman, Z, hard at work.

We are equal opportunity employers, so here are the girls working too.

The twins seem to be having a bit . . . to much fun : )

Here is E doing a self portrait.

Here is our newest cat, Chester Pester, wondering if he can help.  Right after this, he DID get into the paint and coated the top third of his tail.  Before we could catch him, he zipped into the bathroom and decorated the toilet seat.  Now you know why he has his name.

Z is still at it he knows there is a paycheck in his future when he finishes.

Here is the boss surveying the job, and he looks pleased, whooh - LOL

I am sooooo thrilled.  I look around and feel like I have a real adult home now, not like I am still living in Holly Hobbies house.  Come visit real soon and see for yourself.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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