Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Monday's

Greetings and Happy Valentines day all.  Hubby and I celebrated last night.  Dinner out, money from a different account than groceries.  This morning I put one of those little heart shaped boxes of chocolate next to each childes bowl of oatmeal, with a box of conversation hearts (money from grocery account).  That's it, the big hurrah, oh; except for a hart shaped cake I baked this morning, for dessert tonight : )

I wanted to post a new menu for this week and update the great grocery receipt challenge.  To recap, $125 a week and that includes pretty much everything but our utilities.  Last month I went a hundred over, but the difference came from oldest son who helps pay the animal food bill (he has an animal ministry).  We ate out 3 times, two were covered by husbands car jobs, one was a birthday dinner/gift.  This month I have was over by $50 the first week and $25 the second week.  This past week I was right on target and made up the difference when ds paid me some money he owed me : )  A friend from church gifted us some 'gourment' items that she said she would never use, so that will help finish out the month.  It included such items as a beef brisket, lamb tips, holendaise sauce and whole grain pizza dough - 12/1lb. balls.  I am planning on making some calzones with the pizza dough and the holendaise sauce will be great in home made Alfredo sauce! 

Here is a look at our menu this week:

Monday ~  Shepherds pie w/green beans

Tuesday ~  Chicken Verde and Spanish rice w/ broccoli

Wednesday ~  church pot luck/Beef minestrone soup

Thursday ~  Taco's with home made guacamole' and chips

Friday ~  Tortellini in Alfredo sauce w/ tossed salad

Saturday ~  Fish stew over salt and vinegar mashed potatoes w/veggie sticks

Sunday ~  Pimiento mac & cheese w/ grilled chicken and green beans

Other cooking around the house: Heart shaped cake for Valentines day, home made chicken broth made from leftover bones in my slow cooker and home made croutons made from the left over bread from last Wed. when I made crust less round cheese sandwiches for church.  I am sure other things will pop up and I will keep you posted with new ideas and recipes. 

Blessings, Beth Ann

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