Wednesday, April 23, 2008

blogger battles

Greetings all from middle Tn. A balmy 80 here today. The past few days have been warm and sunny, we're not complaining! LOL Matter of fact. heading down the road to do a little local camping this coming week. With gas so high it is about all we are will to commit to. The place we go to is pretty rural, so it still feels like we are roughing it. (as best we can in an RV) : )

I also want to let you all know that I am not only having computer trouble, but issues with blogger as well. So if my blogs seem a little hit and miss, it is not from lack of trying. for every 3 or so wonderful blogs I have planned, I am lucky if 1 gets posted. So I am struggling with this and will not be swayed! LOL The problem seems to lay in if I want to post a picture or image. What is a blog without pic's?

Here is a picture of our warm and sunny day. We have a screened in back deck, connected to our pool, and it sees alot of use this time of year. Here middle dd and little ds are building marble runs!
Well we have about 8 weeks of home school left here, and it is a pretty big deal. Usually we go year around, with a few weeks off here and there. This time we are taking a 6 week break and will start roughly back up the same time as public school. My oldest ds seems to think this will be helpful with his many extra curricular activities. We will see. So we are all excited, and now that I have gone to the home school convention I am excited to pick some new stuff for the fall. I can't believe oldest ds will be in 10th and dd will be in 7th. I searched and searched and think I have even found some good stuff for the twins. They will only be 4, but they need something. The issue is that all the pre K stuff I find, they already know! I personally wouldn't worry about it, but they want something. They like to sit at the table or on the couch with us, and ask for their own work. So I am kind of excited about them as well. All in all it looks as if it will gear up to be a great fall!
Now that I got ya hear there is so much I want to tell you! LOL Could do a whole blog on dh and his job coming to town and the impact that will make on our family. With gas the way it is, him staying local could very well be our saving grace. It is scheduled to open in June, lets cross our fingers. That means financially we only have to hold on 8 more weeks/2 months/4 pay checks or so. Best part is that he will be here for the set up too, so even if the time is off it will still work out.

My friend Amy has been trying to adopt a child from Haiti for 31 months. The adoption is approved, all he needs is a visa. Please pray for her and her family. Visit her blog, Amy's adoption, see link at right and see her story. Three years is along time for her, her family and ds in Haiti. Please Pray!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Eliza Doolittle said...

I wanna be your kid! I used to beg my mom to homeschool me and would play sick for a week just because school was so boring. It really irked me I could complete a weeks work in 2-3 hours. Keep up the good work, and God be with you and your family and friends!