Saturday, April 26, 2008

Puter Wresling

Well, since the last time we have visited I have tried to blog twice ~ no dice. With that said, I am running out of time. Today is traditionally the day I post my weekly menu, but no time to day and leaving on a camping trip tomorrow. I have spent all day today grocery shopping and packing the RV for our trip. Now I have like 8 minutes until I have to start getting ready for a Women of Faith dinner at my church. Well actually it's at one of the ladies homes and we will have dinner and a movie tonight. I really look forward to these outings with no kids. Does that make me mean? Or just human?

Anyway, when I get back from camping next week I promise to try and catch up on all the news and post my Slow Cooker Maui Chicken recipe, since a reader asked so nice. Of course all this depends on my computer. I have discovered that it is not blogger but my very own computer giving me grief! Can you Imogen? Oh the sham!!! LOL

Well gotta run.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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