Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out and about town

Yesterday was a very blustery day here in middle TN. Still it didn't stop me and DH from spending the day checking out new places while we hit the town to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.

The first place we went to was a Gorden Foods Marketplace. Wow. I haven't been to one of those since leaving MI. This is only the 3rd one to open in TN. We also managed to hit there, totally unplanned, on there grand opening while they were having a food tasting tent. My DH was sooooooo excited. He had missed there large pans of nitrate filled meatballs. So we had a brunch there and checked out some old and new favorites. I did a lot of price comparison. We have a Dollar General Market in our town. NOT a Dollar General, but a Dollar General Market. The difference is that the Market has a real grocery store with produce included. I found most times that the $GM prices were cheaper than GFMP. For there grand opening they had some good deals, but other than that ~ buyer be wear.

Then we headed over to the new World Market. Never even heard of this place until I read about it on a friends blog. She worked their briefly. Kind of like a Pier1 on steroids. I did enjoy their kitchen gadgets (my passion) and a few interesting things in the gourmet food section. But mostly I was disappointed that so many of the so called gourmet foods I have seen at "regular" grocery stores. My DH feel in love with a little terracotta pig grill that he found at the grilling kiosk. He said it would be perfect for just two steaks. I found that hysterical since there are 6 of us in our house. He said he wanted to get it and keep it for when it was just the two of us full timing it in our RV. Aweeeeeeeeee! How sweet. We are planning on getting some new living room furniture in a couple months and saw some possibilities there. So we have to check back on that.

The other noteworthy excitement of the day came when we ducted into a local pet store, not one of the 3 major chains in town. We were also out pricing ferrets, but that is another blog. So there we are, ewwwing and awwwwing over the puppies. I see they have a squirrel for sale in a cage. How interesting. Then I see a sign saying the small animals are downstairs. Hmmmmm, thought puppies and squirrels were small. Shrug. Ferrets must be down there as I haven't seen any signs of rodent life whatsoever up here. Down we go. Bingo. There are the ferret cages. So DH and I gawk at them and check prices on them for a couple minutes. Then I am on the hunt for the actual animal. If they have the cages they must have the ............. GINKYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a flipping KANGAROO!!! DH almost had to catch me, thought I was going to pass out. I did not expect that! Then DH says, "actually the sign says it's a Wallaby". Zoinks! $2000 and he is all mine. Then I notice a Kinkajew next to him in the next cage. But he is not for sale. He is just there for .....?

Well we did have a great anniversary, even though there were tornado's going on around us. But grandma S and grandpa D held down the fort and even picked Z up from standardized testing in town. So nice to be able to get out and look at stuff with out the kids jumping up and down begging for stuff. That was my job yesterday ~ LOL I did manage to snag a couple more Baby Einstein DVDS for my grandson, at the consignment shop that I get the twins cloths from. And as I was drifting off to sleep last night...... was I dreaming of hubby another 20, 30, years with him? NO! I couldn't stop thinking about that kangaroo! I felt the urge to set him free. On our way home we passed an Ostrich farm. So I tried to convince hubby we could pull off a covert mission to free the roo and leave him at the ostrich farm. But hubby was already snoring........

Blessings, Beth Ann


Dee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Keep in touch! D

Dee said...

Our anniversaries are close together! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you & your DH! Must be fun being a grandma too! I look forward to that, if the Lord blesses us w/ grandkids. D