Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just checking in . . .

Not much happening around here, praise the Lord! LOL The past couple of days have been sunny and in the 70's but looks like some clouds are moving in and we might see rain for the remainder of the week-end.
Went and did my weekly shopping yesterday. I really love Kroger's, so much more calm than Wal-mart. I leave with great bargains and my sanity! It was my first trip shopping for my son and his CFS diet. I almost fainted at the price of cashew butter (he can no longer have peanuts) but got 3 pks. of b/s chicken breast on mark down (he can only eat poultry, lamb and rabbit), yea! I also spent a bit of time on and was amazed at the groceries on there. I searched for the brands I couldn't find at Kroger and didn't want to drive an hour to Wild Oats to get. Happy to report that Amazon had most and I ordered some blue corn chips for son (he can't have potatoes, only corn and rice products). So cool that it not only comes to my door but qualifies for super saver shipping too - LOL See my recommended picks at top of blog.
Other good news, I lost another two pounds at W.W. this week making my four week total loss ten pounds. Cool. That is equal to 2 1/2 bags of sugar, 10 boxes of butter quarters or a sack of potatoes . . . You get the picture :)
Other sad news, this time next week our friends and acting grandparents will have left to move to Las Vegas :( I met them seven years ago when we moved to middle TN. The first week we were here I interviewed at the radio station, which they owned, and the rest as they say is history. We have shared every holiday, birthday and even vacations with these fine folks. The twins still don't understand, but the older kids are sad. My middle DD is going to be so tor up. First my bff moves into the city, then our friend/neighbor moves back to Mexico and now these guys . . . Hmmmm Wonder if we are personally driving people away from the area? . . . Nah! LOL looks like we are now going to start splitting our vacations between South Carolina and Las Vegas. Oh, that reminds me - only ten more weeks until my oldest DD and grand kids come to visit! Can't wait!!!!!!! We took them to the aquarium in Chattanooga last time, thinking about the Zoo in Nashville this trip. What do you all think?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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