Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's up Wendsday . . .

our cat, Joe! Joe has discovered a new place to sleep, the top of my kitchen cabinets. As an added bonus he gets to scare the tar out of people. He will seemingly just drop out of the sky and land in front of you on the counter, giving the person a coronary. Most of us have quickly learned to start looking up as we enter the room! There also used to be decorative wooden houses, trees and what not up there. Joe quickly found that he could launch those off as tiny missiles and hit unsuspecting children and other pets before they knew what hit them! Aren't kids, I mean cats, great? LOL

Yesterday was DH day off and we spent the morning going into the "boro" for standardized testing for middle DD. As home schoolers we have a choice to do this. We always chose to do it, so each kid gets done every other year. Helps us to keep track of what level they are currently testing at in all their subjects. So far there has been no major surprises. Then we spent the afternoon helping the grand parents load up their moving truck and cleaning out their house in general. So sad. Two more days and they are gone. We are thinking of going out west to visit maybe next March, God willing and depending on how the medical bill situation is. We are going to have to peel B off of Grandpa, the twins still don't get it. For some reason they think the g-parents are moving into the "city/boro". Not sure why . . .

Today was a tad alarming. As I was driving middle DD home from testing, goes for three days, our Durango started making a WHUMP, WHUMP noise. For me to actually notice it, means alot. Usually DH will ask if I hear . . . fill in noise of your choice here, and I don't. So it was bad. It was making me alarmed to say the least, but I still stopped at the pharmacy (it's on the way) and picked up my perscriptions. By the time I pulled into the driveway, the steering was acting funny. I called DH at work, conviently a car auto parts retailer. He said it sounded like my front wheel shaft/bearing thingy. I told him I wasn't driving it again and he needed to get his own ride home for lunch. Lucky for him that the g-parents are staying in their RV at the funeral home about a block from his store, until their closing on Friday - then their outa here! So grandpa was his taxi. He cam home and looked at it and drove it, confirming his first diagnosis. He said we were lucky we made it home. Even with his discount at work, it's a lot of money. Not sure where we are going to get it. Not sure how we will bet DD to testing tomorrow. Not sure how we will get to church tonight. Not sure of alot of things except that we will pray, and God will provide.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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