Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What's up - April Fool's edition

Hi ya all! Another beautiful day here in middle TN. Almost 70, and sunny! Also the first time in weeks that I am starting to feel like myself. Could the mono be almost gone? All I know is the the twins are better. Oldest son is still a bit weak and having some dizzy spells. His b/p still drops and he has to really push fluids all the time. The anxiety pills seem to help a bit and slowly I see his sleep pattern returning to normal - s -l - o-w -l -y LOL

Here are some photo's of middle dd at her dance workshop open house. The place was the same size as my RV, and packed!!! My dd said she had never worked so hard in her life, and no thank you when we offered her a twelve week class - LOL Maybe next year I can sign the twins up for ballet or something . . .

They did every thing from hip hop to cheer.

They also did a musical number from "Hairspray".

Here is middle dd leaving for the Princess Ball with Grandpa D.

Here they are posing as they entered the Lion's Club. There were about 45- 50 "princesses" and I hear there was a never ending tray of pizza rolls! What more could a girl ask for?
Next year it will be DH turn to take both girls as twin dd will be old enough. Only about 4 more weeks until Grandpa D and Grandma S move to Vegas. We haven't been dwelling on it as we know it will be soooooo sad. It will be worse than when our friends moved back to Mexico and took his kids that I had watched 24/7 for over three years. I guess we will have to plan a trip to Nevada soon, after the recession?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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