Saturday, April 11, 2009

We are OK

Hey there, sorry it has been a week - but it has been a CRAZY, INSANE week! I have received several emails and text asking about us and the tornadoes. Praise the Lord we are all fine and relatively well. Our little burg was spared the brunt of the weather. Most damage occurred in the city, about twenty miles from us. Pray for them. Our church lost it's roof, right down to it's rafters in the early a.m on Thursday. I got the call around 6 a.m. and by 6:15 we were there, and I spent the next 6 hours cooking and helping out any way I could. The community really pulled together to help us get it battened down before the next round came through around 1:30 p.m. That was the storm that flattened parts of M'boro. I came home from church in time to get all the kids and their friends in the basement (by the way I had only had two hours sleep the night before - son was sick again). After all the tornado hoopla was over I thought maybe I could lay down before getting ready for Good Friday Services. I had just about drifted off to sleep when big DS runs upstairs yelling that little DS had a banana stuck up his nose! (rolling eyes here) Man, that will wake you up fast. I run downstairs to find out it is a banana shaped piece of candy, a runt. He had it up there good too. We fussed with it to the point that I thought yet another trip to the emergency room was in our future (and they had told me they were sick of seeing me, last week). Just before all hope was lost, DS who had been crying pretty steadily, the candy started to disintegrate. So there was orange/yellow snot running down twin DS face. I told him to blow (which he never has really mastered) and from somewhere he gave me he best nose blow of his and his siblings history. The candy shot out of his nose like a rocket propelled grenade and flew across the bathroom! Success! Hurray! Just as this is all finishing up DD came home from the soon to be Vegas bound grandparents. They were running a moving sale through all this! LOL I gave up on sleep.

Ok, now here is the low down on oldest DS. When we took him to the emergency room last Saturday, they gave him another cat scan, more x-rays and every blood test you can imagine. We then visited our own doc on Wed. The good news is that all his test cam back good. They can't find anything else wrong with him and he seems to be well recovered from his surgery. His blood cell count is even almost normal now after his transfusion. They say the chronic pain he is suffering in his head is from his sleep disturbance and should correct it's self. Same with the chronic stomach pain, which they say is from him mono. Since he had so many complications with it he could take up to 4-6 months more to fully recover. His spleen is still enlarged also. They are also concerned that this may be turning into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There really is nothing more to be done than to try to build up his immune system, which was compromised with the infection from his tonsils and his blood transfusion. He also needs to stay hydrate and eat a high iron diet with little to no sugar, caffeine, dairy, yeast and pasta (wheat). I feel so over whelmed. I am concentrating on the hydration currently and dreading the food issues. He is too eat mostly eggs, fish and beans for protein. He would sooner polk his eye out with a spork than eat an egg! I can't think of one other food he despises more than eggs! Pray for us. We are also still having issues with his blood pressure, he can't seem to keep it up. Thursday evening it dropped off again 40/20 and he fainted again! He is dizzy all the time. I just keep shoving juice in his hand every chance I can. Last night he tried to eat a McD's burger, he brought it back up a couple hours later. Good times, good times. Sigh. Keep praying for us.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary but I think we are just going to go out to dinner tonight. No elaborate celebrations. I am so stressed, I am afraid to be away to long from the kids (DS). Even yesterday, I wouldn't have spent so much time at the church if there hadn't been someone else at my house to monitor DS. So we will probably eat local at D.J.'s steak house. They have great rib eye's and the best Greek salad I have ever had! There home made onion rings aren't to bad either - LOL Which reminds me, last Thursday was my second W.W. weigh in. My DH was at work and the older two kids were at a library TAG meeting. So I took the twins with me, and they were a hoot! They have no idea why they were there. They just stood in line with me and got weighed too. They guy who runs it was so sweet to them. So they got weighed, I got weighed and then we went to the library. They thought it was a great afternoon! smile Ok, here are the numbers - Elijah weighed in at 43 pounds. Elysha weighed in at 38 pounds, and I . . . not a chance! LOL But I did lose 5.5 pounds! For a two week total weight loss of 8 pounds. I was sooo relieved, but I felt I had earned it. I had made so many hard choices that week. Yogurt instead of chocolate covered pretzels. Grilled shrimp with steamed veggies instead of a cheesy bean burrito . . . you get the point. Hope this week is just as good. Yesterday I was so good it scared me. I didn't eat anything I cooked for other people at church. I didn't even flinch when one person brought in pop tarts and chips to serve the fire dept. workers. OK, I did flinch when she opened the chips and put them in front of me, but I didn't sub come! LOL

Well DS was to sick to work at the rabies vaccination clinic today and is still feeling poorly and has low b/p again. Think I will get him a big glass of the discounted o.j. I found today and go help the rest of the kids color eggs.

Have a very blessed Easter, Beth Ann

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