Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whats up Wendsday . . .

my middle DD's cat, Tina! I love this sphinx like pose on top the computer. She is only six months old and has blue eyes. She loves to get out and go under our above-ground pool/deck. She is soooo hard to keep white, but DD sure gives it a try, much to Tina's chagrin - LOL
Guess it is time for a mid-week round-up. Lets see, whats been going on . . . I have had sinusitis and now a chest cold, which I gave to DH. Got guilted into a Cajun cook-out last Saturday, my sickest day. But it ended up being a great day. Enjoyed supporting a friend at her function, and taking a gazillion kids to a cook=out, got locked in a room with oldest DS (long story) and having a great talk with him . We also backed our motor home out into our second driveway, so we could spring clean it before our annual Mother's Day camping trip (never thought I would want to camp again after last Oct.). We ended up being rednecks and rolling our awning out and sitting under it in camping chairs when our company came over later that night! LOL Lets see, what else . . . DS still is having some bad days, but also some good ones. He still isn't able to go back to work full time, and is struggling to stay awake long enough to catch up on school work. Not much else happening here . . . managed to nickle and dime it all week since we were broke from fixing the Durango. Feel very blessed indeed that we were able to get that part and that DH could fix it himself. He also got a car job for this Friday, so looks like grocery shopping is in our future!
Went to get my permanent crown yesterday, and it didn't fit. How ironic is that, since they have all this fancy new laser and computer equipment to prevent this from happening. I felt the need to point that out and was informed there is still a 10% chance of a refitting. Lucky me, I'm in that percentile. Then they said they needed to re-prep me, would I like to do it now or come back later. Like a dummy I asked what that meant. They explained they had to re-numb me (three needles) and re - drill out my tooth (down to the bone) for a better fitting crown. Then they would retake all the pictures and make a new temporary crown. I laughed and told them they better do it now since I wouldn't come back for that! All I have to say is, it hurt. It still hurts.
Had an impromptu cook out last night. It was a friend of ours b-day and we had been watching her kids. Another friend called out of the blue and said she was on her way over too. Then to wrap it all up, our friends moving to Vegas dropped in after their closing for a final good bye. Great food (wish I could have chewed it), great friends and good times. Kids had a blast playing with all the other kids and neighborhood kids. Only thing missing were the lightening bugs, next time.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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foolsfitness said...

Did you ever notice cat pictures seem to come in three types:

1) extreme confidence, the cat is king or queen and knows it.

2) The un-natural cutesness, a level of sweet that you need to brush your teeth soon after looking at them

3) supreme comfort. A cat understands the term relax.

I think we could learn from cats. I'd like their confidence and ability to relax with such intensity.

as for cuteness, well that's the folsfitness way!-Alan