Friday, October 30, 2009

Back in action

Just checking in to let everyone know we're still here. Had some utility issues this week and discovered that we could successfully live a whole week with no phone, computer or car for that matter! Most things seem to be back on track now. Funny how gas in your car tank can put a smile on your face! LOL

Well I put my back out Monday and schlepped around like Quasimodo. Wednesday was the Harvest Party at Church and I think the kids had a good time. I just found a chair and stayed put, back mostly only hurts when I move. Knew it was time to go when twin son lost his shoe in the bounce house and had a melt down. Besides, the cake crawl was over and all the cakes had found a home!

Today was shopping day, so I heated up my rice bag fanny pack and went out like a prehistoric hunter to find the best deal and bargains to bring home to my family. They are getting harder and harder to find and we are eating more and more bean/lentil based meals. Seems like fish is a thing of the past as most other meats are more reasonable for a family our size.

Since I was up and running around I dropped into the library to take care of business there. I bet sometimes they are glad to see me leave. Lets just say I always have an opinion about everything and find it necessary to share it with everyone. But they are a great group of people who work there and they indulge me and always are extremely helpful. I have been using one of the clerks as my knitting guru and now I am ready for binding off! Exciting eh?

Well I have a house full of kids tonight since Halloween is tomorrow night. See the significance? Me either but it seems to make sense to them. We are heading over to a friends house, she lives dead in the center of town and they close the entire block off for a huge block party thing. The Baptist church is doing hot dogs and such (right across the street from friends house), so looks like dinner is covered too! LOL Like anyone under the age of 18 eats dinner on Halloween!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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