Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Doggie drugs

OK, so still busy running around getting ready to leave for vacation on Friday. So fare it has been an incredibly full day. Woke up late, got a bad hair cut, checked on books at the library on loan, put dog on Prozac, pissed off my teenage son and taught K to the twins : ) All before 2 p.m. How is your day going?
How many others out there have had to put their beloved furry four legged friends on drugs? I feel worse than when I put oldest dd on Ritalin for her A.D.D. ! This is the item bugging afore mentioned teenage son. It is his dog (don't remember giving it to him and I am pretty sure DH still thinks it's his) and he works at the animal clinic, so he was there for the "deed". Let me plead my case for a moment. For the past six month or so Hershey (the dog) has been having what can only be called anxiety attacks. He acts nervous. whines and will do ANYTHING to be with our son. If he sees Z leave the house . . . well, watch out and hope he doesn't break another screen or a window. If he sees someone wrestling/rough housing with son, then he nips at them! It's getting to the point we can't trust him or leave him unsupervised. He even broke the skin on DH last week, and he buys the kibble! So what other option do we have for a happy future with this dog, who is about 6 years old and a blue tick heeler mix? We have way to many kids in and out of our house and frankly I don't trust him with our house sitter when we leave. My son thinks we are over reacting and the dog is fine. Sigh ~ wish I were a teenager again and lived in the land of denial where parents foot the literal and emotional tab. Hershey will start with a 30mg. dose, and I will have to portion that out of a 40mg. capsule. The doc said to pitch the rest, but I don't see why we can't save it and after 3 days there would be another dosage, right? Either that or I give it to Howard, our mini doxin, who barks all the time. Heck, I'll take it! Someone will get it, I won't waste it, after all I am a home school mom! LOL
So just one more thing to worry about before we leave. Drugging the dog and taking him with us, or paying a million dollars to kennel him ~ sigh.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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