Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here's the sitch

It has been brought to my attention that while I have loudly proclaimed my return to the cyber world, I have sorely lacked details on my vacation - thanks Grandpa D for pointing that out in a late night phone call, remember there is a time difference and some of us are whipped after a long day of . . . well, just plain KIDS! LOL - JK, love you guys!

So here are the highlights: I am proud to announce the replacement of my coffee cup - see photo. This will make my third in three years. Three times is the charm right? DH also picked up a new cup, it has the Piggly Wiggly pig on it. Lets face it, we're 'big on the pig'. Photos will follow after a trip to Rite-aide : ) Other highlights include: about 1 zillion crab sightings and captures (then release), including a horseshoe crab (those things are UGLY). Not a good year for shells, only about 100 of those brought home this year, opposed to the usual 500. Twin dd found the largest, a whelk, bummed out middle dd since it bumped her title. Celebrated another birthday with great local seafood. Visited the islands fall festival, with lots of arts and crafts. Twins learned to climb a tree, giant living oak - of course. DH set the canopy on fire while cooking on our picnic table, now it has a sunroof, if he would have done it just once again on the other side we would now have T-tops on our camping canopy! LOL Um . . . and logged to many hours to count relaxing on the ocean shore.

On a more serious note I want to share a blessing of faith here about our trip, please humor me. We had been praying heavily for well over two weeks prior to this event as we were not sure we would be able to make it. Yes we had already paid for our reservations, but now we needed gas money. That is no small thing when you are living on such a small budget as ours. We were hoping for some extra spending cash from my child support, but once again that source dried up and I only found out by accident from oldest dd. However that didn't leave us enough time to re budget for this setback. Anyway, we prayed right up until the day we were to leave and nothing showed up. We even tried to find someone else to gift the reservations to so that the money wouldn't have been wasted, no dice. Literaly minutes to no return we had a couple of unexpected sources come forward to help us out. Hallelujah! It was hard for us to let others help us, but we are learning to follow God's directive on this. Well with much rush and rejoicing we departed. About 40 miles from our destination our RV conked out. DH freaked out. I started praying, hard, on my knees. DH (who is certified mechanic) could find nothing wrong with RV - period. Then we prayed together as a family. Ten minutes later DH cranked it over and it started right up and we never had a lick of trouble with it again, either there or on the way home. DH who has a harder time with blind faith than me was shaken up and firmly convinced in God's presence with us there and in blessing the trip and we refused to take even one day there for granted. The minute we arrived we rushed to the beach and stood in the ocean and thanked God mightily as a family. Since our trip home DH has had a dream where God gave him a message and he knows this is a time of change for our family. I can see such a renewed sense of faith in my husband who has been so beaten down the past two years over our financial situation and as provider for our family. God is so good for showing all of us and reminding DH HE loves us.

On an ending note I just want to mention that our house sitter did a great job and our house was in one piece when we returned. However DH had swapped vehicles with his friend, we borrowed his truck for camping and he got to drive the Camero. Someone tried to break into the car and steal tools that were in the hatch. Shaking head here and just saying, figures. But if I had to rate this vacation . . . 5 STARS!!! Glad you asked ?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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