Monday, December 27, 2010

All done

Am I the only one who feels a post holiday let down?  I almost hate to see the actual holiday arrive.  The anticipation is the best part, that and seeing the smiles when someone opens a gift they adore!  But here are a few of those smiles as we close out the holiday memories of 2010.

Here E is rocking out to here new 'electric' guitar.  It came with a psychedelic mic stand too.  If you know E, then you know how much fun she is having with this!

We make sure all the kids get plenty of art/craft items.  Here is Z with some 'blow' art pens and stencils.  He also received two boxes of origami (which he is great at), and it is almost empty!

Another million dollar smile shot of B - LOL  The smile is for more 'Twilight' stuff, sigh.

And here is twin son E, busy building with the new marble run set, sent from Vegas.  It has kept all the kids and even K pretty busy, also a cat as well : )

One last look at the tree for another year.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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