Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lights of the season

I finely found the time to pop outside to take some pic's of the lights in our yard.  It is an on-going project of my oldest son's.  He works on it and adds to it daily.  He is already plotting what he wants to add next year (think frosty from Christmas with the Kranks).  We have taken to calling him Clark, as in Clark Griswold from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - LOL  The only thing holding him in check is money or lack of it.  On the other hand, last week we came home from church and there was a huge box of holiday lights and extras on our front porch.  Pre-loved, but still . . . The word has gotten out, and I couldn't be prouder : )  There are worse things for a kid to be into, right?  Let me share a few glimpse with you:

This is our side yard, next to the main drive way.  I received the deer last year as a gift, which Z promptly put together and put outside!

Here is our mail box.  It is hard to tell, but Z affixed a star to the top post.  The snowman flag hangs from a solar lamp post and changes with the season.  This pic is of the other side yard, next to the RV drive way and fence.

This is an angled view of the front and does include some of the side yard and driveway.  We bought this little snowman to make sure we had one each year since snow is a scarce commodity here.  Notice the small inflatable toy soldier in front of the porch pillar, there is a matching one on the other side and ditto with the spiral tree too.  If you look in the window you can see our Christmas tree.

Here is a view inside looking out . . .

And this pic is just for Grandma S and has nothing to do with Christmas except that we miss you and Grandpa D and wish we were together this time of year.  Just wanted you to know Pumpkin is still kicking and missing you.   Remember the holiday you were so busy feeding her turkey you didn't realize baby Eli was putting stuffing in your pockets?  LOL  Love you and the rest of our family too.  I hope sharing these pic's helps to make us feel closer  as we can't be with ya all.  Hugs and kisses.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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