Saturday, December 04, 2010


Last night was soooo much fun that I thought I would blog about it this morning, while enjoying my raspberry-chocolate friendship coffee : )
We did something we don't usually do very often . . . went out as a family and had dinner!  All six of us, plus B's friend and Z's girl friend = zoo!  We picked Z up from work and let him drive (always fun) into the 'boro.  Just want to say right here, praise the Lord for our Durango and it's 8 seat belts : )   Our first stop was Animal City (guess which one of us wanted to go there . . . ).  Love that place, they always have fun and exotic animals as well as the mundane, at good prices.  They are not a chain, but good christian family owned business that puts the welfare of the animals first.  Believe me, take a look and you will notice that not one animal looks like it has missed a meal in quite a while - LOL  Yesterday they had a pen of 'Beannies' or what we call 'Deagles', a Beagle/dachshund mix, puppies.  They were a brown dapple, and sooooooooooooo cute!  I am such a sucker for a doxin, sigh.
Next stop was dinner at Ci-Ci's pizza.  It is a buffet place w/video games.  In other words, a kids haven and total chaos reigns.  Yes, the kids loved it, especially the twins.  The last time we were there the twins were two.  With the Christmas carols playing on the radio and all the decorations lite up in town, and all the kids chattering away; it was such a festive atmosphere, sigh- happiness. After dinner we strolled down to the Goodwill which was in the same mall and poked around.  Clark, I mean, Z (we call him Clark, for Clark Griswold in the Christmas vacation movie) scored several boxes of un-opened Christmas lights.  He was litterly floating in estcasy on the way home.  We let him drive back home and after we dropped off his girlfriend, well it was 10:30 before we got the twins in bed.  Z decided he had to put all the lights up last night, so there he was at 11 p.m. and some how he coerced his sister into helping him!  We went to bed!
Now it is the next day and the twins still got up early : (  They have been battling colds for a week and now they are weepy.  It is also raining outside and I find myself wondering if I should take them to the Christmas Parade at noon or not . . .    Anyway, it's worth it.  Last night was soooo wonderful.  As the children get older it seems to get more complicated time wise and money wise too, to travel as a family and do things outside our home.  I feel last night was a special gift from God.

For the past couple days I was in a funk, thinking and praying on some farm land, still : (  We have been praying on this for about 3 years now.  The answer is always, not now.  Sometimes I just get sooooo impatient.  Especially when we are having issues with the managiery we already have.  I know we need more room and I don't ever want to be a problem to our neighbors.  So I spent two days on the computer looking at property everywhere from Maine to Montana.  Yesterday I was so frustrated that I layed down and did some heavy duty praying.  I told God I would go anywhere He wanted me to, just let me know what His will was.  Nothing.  When I hear from God it is usually pretty quick.  I think I haven't been still or quiet enough lately.  After a while, when I was very quiet and still, I got it.  The answer was that I could go anywhere I wanted, as long as I stayed in Cannon Co.   LOL  I always knew God had a sense of humor.  But I was also reminded of all that He moved to get us here.  We were not headed here when we started out.  The answer floored me and gave me reason to sit and think and remember some more.  I went upstairs feeling sad and sorry for myself.  I came down feeling restored and remembered by my father, savior and God!  I am sooo grateful that He is never to busy to let me know that He knows my wants, but  not to always give it to me if it's not whats best.  Just like any good father would!  Amen.  I hope this makes sense.  I have had to stop typing several times, as I have to keep putting out fires with weepy children and answering questions for a husband who apparently knows where nothing is in this house we have lived in for almost ten years now - LOL  Man I love this house, this family, life and God!  AMEN

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Amy said...

It only took 4 years to get J here. You have one more year to go, lol. You'll know when the right property comes along.