Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Time passing . . .

Thought I should check in, it's been a week or so since I last blogged.  There has been some ups and downs.  The ups are; Thanksgiving was sooooooo wonderful!  At one point there were almost two dozen people here!  Only half that stayed to eat, the others came and went for coffee, fellowship and dessert.  The weather was perfect and so was the food.  Hubby deep fried a 20 lb. for us and a 9 lb. for some friends to take home.  We also had some blooming onions ~ delish!!!!  There were 3 different coffee's, 4 different pies and more finger foods than the kids could eat in one sitting (and they tried).  Another up was black Friday.  We didn't do the actual black Friday thing, but that was hubbies pay day, and there was some overtime on there.  So we did the bulk of our holiday shopping before 8 a.m. and I am proud to say we stayed in the 'bury.  Between that and the computer, we now have 95% of our Christmas shopping done.  After that I headed into the city or the 'boro with a friend, and we went to a huge sale at a resale place.  I scored some flannel sheets for $3, yea me!  I had been pricing out a second pair of them for our queen size bed, so was a major find.  Now for the down side . . . The night before Thanksgiving our cat Bubbles passed away.  It was sudden and it was sad.  She was our paralyzed cat, and her bladder collapsed.  That is common we are told, in animals that have to be expressed manually.  We only had her two years, but she was special.  Our oldest son took it extremely hard as it followed on the heals of him loosing his much beloved guinea pig (whom he can't sleep without).  So our house has been full of sudden angry outbursts and  much misdirected anger.  He is such a sensitive soul and we can only pray and encourage him that this is a lesson on which path his future may rest.

Here is Bubbles in her 'pack n' play' that we borrowed from the twins

Here is Bubbles at a birthday party for another one of our cats, Tina, back in Sept.

Bubbles liked to be put on the back of the sofa to sun her buns, like all other cats

Bubbles was brought to the animal clinic after being attacked by about 6 pit pulls and we aren't sure how old she was, some where between 1 and 2.   RIP Bubbles 2006-2010

Blessings, Beth Ann

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