Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ferret Fun

Decided today was a good day for a quick ferret update.  We adopted 3 ferrets about a month ago now.  None are siblings but all are neutered and de-sented.  We are there second rescue home, first one could no longer afford them as she had other animals and was attending school.  Ferrets require a huge amount of time and unfortunately money.  Seems like Z's entire paycheck goes to vet bills and animal food, that's with us chipping in too.  Anyway, they all had mange, flea's and ear mites.  Actually the worse case of mites the vet had ever seen.  One, the oldest - Bob, had a tumor on the tip of his tail the size of a nickle.  We had that removed about two weeks ago and since then he keeps breaking the stitches.  Good thing son has the patients of Job with animals (funny enough not with people however).

Here is Z holding up Bob.  Isn't his tail bandage cute? : )

Here is the other male, Hobb, he is a cinnamon.  Z dressed him up in an elf outfit for Christmas.  Gotta love kids - LOL

The last ferret is a small white female named Squish, for obvious reasons when you see them all sleep.  I am happy to announce that all the mange is on the mend, and Squish has grown most of her hair back.  The flea's are on the run, but the mites . . . well we are still battling those.  Oh, and they have all gained a bit of weight as well.  So all is well that ends well, just look at Bob's tail if you don't believe me!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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