Friday, January 28, 2011

Whats new . . .

Not much is new here, praise the Lord!  We have made it past the holidays and moved past all the January birthdays as well, man there were a ton of those!  Now we are settling into a nice winter pattern, with glimpse of spring ahead; such as seed catalogs and making camping reservations.  Our oldest son received a car for his birthday and it looks like we will pay for his tags, but haven't found a good price on insurance yet.  One more year and our middle daughter will be on the road, heavy sigh.  Hubby is already on the look out for a Mustang for her, not the fox body and not a convertible, that is what she told us anyway.  In the mean time hubby keeps looking at pick up trucks since he gave Z his Camero.  Me?  I just keep driving the Durango - LOL

What else . . . ?   Well we had our taxes done on the first day the Gov. allowed, so hoping to be getting a washing machine in the next few weeks!  I never thought I would make it six months with a hand wring system.  Don't want to do that again soon!  Speaking of taxes, we are also passing on almost all our camping/vacation trips this year, including our annual trip to South Carolina, in an attempt to finish paying up the medical bills from our oldest son.  We almost lost him two years ago, and the bills are bad.  We just want them gone and we are going to use our tax money to try and get most of them paid off.  Each time he had an MRI it was $8000, wow and he had 3.  But we are grateful we have him still with us and hubby had a job with insurance and a way to pay our bills, eventually : )

Lets see, as of today I am 3 weeks soda pop free and am now on decaf ice tea.  Still doing the half calf w/ coffee however.  Did the $GM thing again today, another $5 off coupon.  I had two, so made hubby get a cart and we split it.    It was a good day for shopping as the snow and cold seem to have dissipated and the sun was out.  Ran into an 'ol timer, he has lived here for 91 years and said this was the worst winter ever.  Great, we moved here to get away from that - LOL

Still have the knitting bug and I am doing great if I do say so myself!  I currently have 5 items started on the sticks and two are for me!  LOL  I taught B, and she is left handed, and she is now doing good.  I wish I could talk her into helping me with commission type items.  She still has trouble with knitting in the round and on double point needles though.  Practice should take care of that. 

The twins are learning to read in school, we are working on the difference between short and long vowel sounds.  It is so neat to see your kids learn.   I turned in Z's grades for last semester and discovered he already had 33 credits!  He needed 21 to graduate, but he still needs his Gov/Ec. credit, so no dice yet.  But he will be ready in May.  I can't believe it, 4 months and he is done, wow.  B is in the middle of her first year of high school and seems to be doing well, slightly better than previous years.   Wonder if that is because she and Z are separated and he isn't distracting her?  Hmmmmmmm, not saying he's a drama king . . .   Anyway, trying to start a local co-op so as not to have to drive to far, with a couple of church friends.  Looks promising and we will have a President Day party and presentation.  Looking forward to the fellowship and lots of yummy food!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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