Saturday, January 01, 2011

Getting Started

Today is the first day of a new year and a whole bunch of new possibility's!  I usually do my grocery shopping on Friday, but with the holiday decided to hold off a day.  Another motive was my $5 off coupon at $GM and starting with a clean shopping/budgeting slate for the new year.  Starting with today's trip, I will keep all grocery receipts for the year, in order to get a better grip on our spending habits, in hopes of it helping our budget bottom line.  I was real worried as hubby had just shared with me that food cost in 2011 would go up 3% and gas 6% (his pay only went up 2% - that's a major corp. for you).  Anyway, my goal was higher protein, low carb and more veggies (a-la-Leptin diet).  This being a tight after holiday week (real budget will start with first pay day in Jan., which is next week).  So with $40 (cash - always use cash) and my coupon to pay for tax, I went to the $GM.  I was so happy when I left and felt goals had been met!  I ended up spending$37.64

Here is what I found:
2 bags Romaine- marked half off - $1.50
2 bags 1lb. carrots-$.85 each (we share these and the romaine with bunny)
2lb. bag popcorn kernels - 1.85 (great snack in our air popper)
1lb. Mexican chorizo sausage- $2.25
2c. shred. cheese - $1.85
pkg. sliced provolone cheese - $2.00
4-1lb. ground turkey chubs- $5
green onions - $1
creamy peanut butter - $1
celery - $1
head of cauliflower - $2
3lb. bag sweet potato - $2.25
cinnamon broom marked half price - $2 (total splurge)
pantyliner - $1
pretzel sticks - $1
wheat bread - $1.05
15oz. tomato sauce - $.55
season salt - $1.65
4% cottage cheese/16oz. - $2
3lb. bag frozen chix tenders - $4
2 - pint size bottle 2% milk, marked half off - $.75 (will be used in morning coffee)
2 dozen eggs - $3

The chicken tenders were only $1 more than hot dogs for lunch and wayyyyyyyy more protein!  They will be great cooked on our table top grill with a little season salt.  Great price on those.  I probably should have skipped the broom, but I do enjoy the smell.  I try to get one every year and hang it on our pantry door.  Besides, it's right across from the ferret cage if you get my drift . . . LOL  Unfortunately I will have to pick up a few more items during the week, such as rabbit and dog food and maybe t.p. for us.  I will keep those receipts too.  Not sure how I will sub categorize them at the end of the year i.e. pets, paper products, food, ect.  But I feel this is a step in the right direction in reclaiming our pocket books and getting a handle on being a good steward of the blessings God brings us.

Here is twin dd E.  She went out with me today and wanted to spend some of her Christmas money.  She did well also, she got these two fairy dolls for only $2 each!

Not sure why I am tossing in this pic, but here is where a ton of our money goes!  Tina, the narcoleptic cat.  She has junk in her trunk, as the kids say : )  Here she is passed out next to our coffee cups on the hutch in the dinning room, on a pile of Christmas stockings awaiting to be put away.  Can we say precarious?

So here's to you and yours and hoping we all have a healthy and happy new year!
Blessings, Beth Ann


Bobbie said...

Happy New Year to you too! Already doing a great job of grocery shopping and keeping the costs low. I will be doing the same thing!

Amy said...

Nice. Fred's has charmin basic for $5. Or they did. Maybe they still will on Sunday. :)