Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day pic's

It was another snow day here in middle TN. and you know what that means . . . snow pictures!  LOL  Yep, we got about 2" here and it was the good packy snow, so in between  school work we took a snow break : )

All four kids worked together and came up with these 'snow aliens'.  B felt the classic snowman had been done to death I guess.  The twins were thrilled as we had just finished reading a book called 'What snowmen do at night' a couple nights ago.  Love that book, it was an old RIF book of B's

This is the baby alien with E's scarf.

Here is the adult alien with B's scarf.  Both feature carrot noses (don't tell the rabbit) and leftover holiday hard shell nuts for eyes and buttons.  I believe pecan eyes and almond buttons.

Isn't it beautiful?  Snow makes even the mundane look elegant.

Our road early this morning, looking towards Davenport's.

We were also visited by snow angles.  We are so blessed.

Everyone was chilly, so I served hot tea with pineapple corn muffins for a snack.  Please ignore the large sleeping white cat that should not be on my table runner.  Grrrrr.

So there you have it, a snow day here in the 'bury.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Bobbie said...

The snow is beautiful. It looks so peaceful and quiet. I only get to see it once in a very long while and none this year! Although it is 23 tonight!!

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