Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bunny love

Well I meant to post this a couple days ago but you know how life gets in the way.  On Wed. one of our rescue rabbits passed away, always a sad thing but also a time to teach the children.

Here is Bre with Di Vinci right after we received him.  He had a long life and will be missed.

We have managed to place all my son's animals, it's a God thing, and we haven't replenished except for a cat (that's a husband thing).  We are down to just our two handicapped dogs, Howard my mini red doxin and Levi, my husbands pit bull.  They both have spinal issues and can't feel their hind ends, but have taught themselves to be 'spinal walkers' as the vet calls it.  Here are a couple new pic's of Levi:

This is my husbands favorite blue chair, and his dogs too : )

It's even better when the sun comes out from behind a cloud! LOL

And just in case your worried that only one of our chairs is being covered in dog hair . . .   the sofa is also fair game and it looks like he jacked the pillow as well!

With a few less animals life around here is a bit less like a zoo and a little more like . . . a circus!  Can you hear the calliope ?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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