Friday, October 21, 2011

"Cat"ch up

Hi all, just doing a little 'cat'ch up  - LOL  I know!  Too funny : )  I wanted to share this pic of our cat Oliver, who's tongue seems to fall out of his mouth every time he is relaxed.  I know!  How odd!  LOL  This pic was taken on my desk and he is curled in a ball with his head upside down. 

Oliver also seems to have a penchant for getting hurt every time he goes outside.  I know!  How annoying and expensive : (    He has hurt himself 3 times in six weeks and we have only had him like 3 months!  We are under orders from our vet and our son (the vet tech) to never let him out again.  Do you know how hard that is when he wants to go out?  Frankly K and I were hopping he just wouldn't come back when we let him out.  No such luck.   This time he has a wound in his chest, son tells us to keep it clean and free of hair.  ???  Excuse me?  The cat is like made of 100% hair!!!!  Sigh.

In other news; B is off on her first week-end from home trip and K has the week=end off.  If it weren't for those pesky twins . . . LOL  Seriously, I am soooo excited for Bre and know she will have a great time in Gaitlinburg with the youth group from FBC.    In November it will be my turn for a get-away with the FBC ladies.  Now I just need a get-away with my hubby.  Camping?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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