Friday, June 27, 2008

It's all "realative"

So I am sitting in my rocker, drinking my coffee and watching GMA. Emirl Lagassi is on doing a segment on cheap meals to grill out for the week-end, or some such nonsense. I mostly take all news with a grain of salt, but that same grain rubbed be the wrong way when I here ol' Emirl listing all , and there were alot, the ingredients and he refers to the boneless pork tenderloin as a relatively cheap piece of meat to serve. Where does he shop? Does he pay or does GMA? Is this like the time I watched Oprah and she admitted she hadn't pumped her own gas since 1982? Maybe Emirl is still thinking 1980's prices? This just bugged me, maybe I needed more coffee, but it made me think of Rachael Ray too. There is another one who has no concept of food prices or feeding a family. RR made it big demoing meals, hence the 30 minute meal fame. By the way, I have tried a couple of her recipes and the only way to do it in 30 minutes is to have her prep crew in your kitchen, slicing and dicing so that all you have to do is put it all together! What I want to see is someone who will do a realistic demo of real, cheap and nutritious food for people on a budget. Maybe call it .... "Get real with zeal with Beth behind the wheel". No, sounds like an RV show. I know, "Real cheap food, for you and your crew!" LOL You know, someone who will show you how to stretch 6 chicken breast into 4 different meals, someone to tell you it's okay if you run out of sugar, just use half as much honey and turn your oven down 25 degrees. Someone to show you how to make home made croutons so you won't wast your old bread......You get the idea. I will try to Emirl a break, he did use the term relative. I am guessing his relatives have more money than mine - LOL LOL LOL But am thinking there is no hope for miss Ray...... She only cooks burger and pasta but manages to add all manor of odd and expensive items to them, starting with like $8 a pound cheese! Yikes.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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