Sunday, June 01, 2008

The case of the missing deodorant

Ok, here is one for that book I keep meaning to write . . .

You know you live in a house with small children when your roll-on solid is empty!!! I left it in the bathroom last night after my shower and forgot it. I felt so poor with my sinus and all, I just wanted to get into bed. So this morning I see it in the bathroom and decided to set it on the stairs to take up in a minute when I get dressed. About 15 minutes later I go up, get all my paraphernalia out and ready............ open my deodorant and........ it's empty! I can not, I mean not, tell you the surprise I experienced. So I start running through the house looking for it. Of course no one knew anything about it. Then DH found it tucked in my shoe, on the stairs. Then I noticed someone had used it to write on the walls of the staircase! I can just see the thought that one of the twins put into this ( still not sure which one did it ). I can see them sitting on the stairs, picking it up, opening it and... oh joy! It's chalk! Grrrrrrrr. DH finds this hysterical. It made me crabby. See how you would feel if first your solid was missing and all you had was an empty case, and then found out it was used as chalk for wall art!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like something mine would do!