Friday, June 20, 2008

Letting them go

My son just left for a church week-end outing. I wanted to share the fact with you that I didn't even cry. I feel like I could any minute, but still... I usually ball when these things happen. Last year he left for a week, made husband take him. His Grandpa D and Grandma S dropped him off today. Probably better that way. He is getting far to old to have me hanging on him weeping, Won't even tell you what I went through last year when both oldest ds and middle dd went to Vegas for a MONTH to visit before mentioned G'parents! To add to the trauma of them leaving we had "issues" with security when no matter what ds did he didn't pass the metal detector. Turned out his knee brace must have had some metal in the fabric. Still, not fun watching your 14 get frisked by cops at the airport. (big breath) And..... if you think that is bad lets not even get started on how I behave when my oldest dd comes for a visit and it's time to leave. I cry almost the entire 60 miles home from the airport, and I mean huge gasping sobs that leave my DH wondering if I can breath or if he needs to turn around and take me to Vanderbuilt!

I guess I am sharing all this because I could feel a small change in me today. Although I think the key is let other people take them away. Then I can trick myself into believing they are only spending the night at a friends. Am I too close to my children? Is it wrong if I am? No. Only if I never let go and let them fly to reach their potential and be the person God wants them to be.

Fly Z and have a wonderful week-end.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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