Monday, June 30, 2008

Whats for dinner?

Monday: B.B.Q. ribs w/grilled zucchini

Tuesday: Italian pinto beans w/cornbread

Wednesday: Church dinners will resume next week, only bible study tonight. Chicken legs w/potato salad

Thursday: Mexican hamburger rice bake w/ steamed broccoli

Friday: Happy 4Th of July! Grill out/pool party - potluck Our contribution, chicken and home made carrot cake

Saturday: Home made pizza w/tossed salad

Sunday: Pot roast w/ veggies

Decided to shake it up here and join this menu planner group. We all post our menus and you check us out at the link in the top logo. Other cooking for the week is home made granola, home made croutons, home made ranch dressing, date pecan bars and of course the carrot cake for the fourth.

Went blue berry picking with my friend over the weekend, she found a phenomenal place up by Nashville. But we had a busy bug week and I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! My middle dd had stepped on a bee the day before, and my twin son got stung by a wasp twice that very morning. So the whole time we were picking I kept waiting to get stung, get bit by a tick (bad year here for Rocky Mt. spotted fever) or have chiggers in my socks. None of those things happened, thank the good Lord and I had a great time! Came home with about 5 cups of blueberries and made the berry preserve recipe from the book Nourishing Traditions. Speaking of that book, made the fermented sauerkraut a couple months ago, and just server it with dinner last night. It was great! I plan on making more soon and planting cabbage in the garden next year!
Blessings, Beth Ann


Anonymous said...

"I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!"

Love it! You've sure picked up those down south sayings, huh? :)

Danielsen5 said...

Ya, well you want people to be able to understand you when you tell them your"fix'in" to do something or it's "a come'in a flood".