Friday, June 06, 2008

Pet Parade

Thought I would share some pictures of our four legged friends with you. We have a new edition, a barn cat. Yes I know we don't have a barn, but what else do you call a stray cat that stays on your porch all day and night? Usually it does get off long enough to cross the road and potty underneath the neighbors bush, but last night... We were working in the garden, despite 90 degree weather and 100% humidity. I was spreading this organic fertilizer/plant food that smelled exactly like what it is, dehydrated and crumbled poo. Anyway the cat, Espresso Joe, comes running over and starts rolling in it. DH and I are like, aw that's cute; when all of a sudden he jumps up and takes a dump on one of my baby cucumber plants!!! AHG!!! I was horrified and yelling at DH to get the hoe and get rid of it! I should have turned the hose on that cat if I had been thinking or if the water had been turned on. So . . . that's our new cat.

Do you see the cat in this picture? That's our new cat, Espresso Joe or just Joe for short. He is one of those rare black cats that you almost never see ~ LOL
Here is middle daughter with her cat, Pumpkin.

This is our blue tick heeler, Hershey.

This is Howard, my miniature Dachshund. Here he is in his playpen. He spends about half his time in there due to a back injury last year. He has made miraculous progress and can walk some now and has bladder control back. The crate rest helps to keep the swelling down on his spine.

Here is Howard with his wheels. He only needs his wheels for long distances and rough terrain. Mostly for camping. He also uses his sweater mostly for camping. LOL

Howard and Hershey together. Hershey is totally submissive to Howard even after his injury. Howard is older and tougher ~ LOL

Hairdresser Update: Went to a new lady today that was recommended to me by my old girl, they used to word together. She did a great job, is only two blocks from my house and charged half the price! Woo-Hoo!!! I must be living right today! Since she did such a good job on me DH and DS will both take a chance on her. Good since both of them are starting to look shaggy and I don't mean that in a good Scobby Doo kind of way! LOL

Blessing, Beth Ann

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Aww a doggy on wheels! Cute!! :)