Wednesday, June 25, 2008

See how my garden grows

Just wanted to share with everyone how our garden is growing... good! We sure could use more rain, but despite that, the garden has really exploded. We are thrilled since our past attempt with Tennessee soil wasn't positive and this year with food prices rocketing; it is more needed than ever. I also feel it is a valuable teaching tool for the children, in more ways than one. I am sure you can guess the first one, how plants grow. The funny thing is that our little garden also seems to teach all of us about the spirit of generosity and sharing. My ds already enjoys baking and giving it to the neighbors, church members and friends but now with the garden we find our selves hoping for more and more to harvest so that there will be plenty to share. My dd has a friend who lives in extremely poor conditions and has almost no fresh fruit or vegetables (unless at my house). Her friend has helped in the garden on many occasions (sometimes with out volunteering) and we would love to be able to share the food with her family. We are already making plans for next years garden. First plan is to make it bigger!

Here is Espresso Joe, the barn cat, with my DH banana pepper plant on our front porch.

Here is a small portion of our pumpkin plants. If you look close you can see the orange flowers peeking through. Wish I had waited to take this pic until today, took it two days ago but blogger wouldn't let me on, the blossoms are now fully open and waiting for bee's!

Here is one of our cucumber plants starting to flower, I can't wait!

And here is one of the green bean plants flowering, yeah!
How is your garden growing?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Mine's actually doing quite well despite our lack of rain here in PA. My tomatoe plants have little "maters" on them... I'm so thrilled! This is the first year I've had tomato plants and herbs. My herbs look lovely too!