Friday, July 25, 2008

Frugal Friday

This week I just want to talk about pictures. I am by no means good with gadgets, gizmo's or technology. This includes digital cameras and computers. While I don't have the first one, I do own the other (obviously). So I missed the whole digital camera craze, thank goodness. Just the size of the instructions stressed me out! However I did learn to take my disposable cameras to Wal-mart and make it their problem. I would get my film on CD and tried to teach myself to email these to friends and family. Most times they were to big and I couldn't figure out how to re configure them. This seemed to go endlessly. Then cell phones hit, and hit big. You weren't cool if your phone didn't "flip". Some how we resisted. Then taking pictures with your cell phone became big. Still we resisted. Until about a year ago, about two years after the fad hit. We finely got a cell phone, a package to be exact. And our phones flip, click and text! Ok, so ds had to teach me the latter. The point here is there is no going back. How did we get along so long without this? Ok, so maybe DH still doesn't know how to use his and could live with out his. But my whole life is inside my phone. As a busy mom and wife I can't tell you how cool it is to always have the phone on you. No more hunting it down. And once I entered in all my numbers, no more phone books! The best thing though and the point of this blog is the camera. Now I always have a camera. I no longer have to buy one for $4 and tax. I no longer have to have film developed and put on CD at $8 and tax. I just take the pic and send it were ever it needs to go, including my blog! It has made my life so much easier, less stressful not to mention I don't have to factor the film/developing into my budget since my cell phone bill is already there. Since we live almost 16 hours away from our family, sharing pictures is soooo important to us. I am glad the light finely went on in my head and I realized I wasn't "falling for that new fangled stuff", but I was saving money as well as helping to keep the lines of family open. My sister has recently started to share on-line with me and
I want to share her latest picture with you. Here is my mom and sister on the shores of Lake Huron with the mighty Mackinaw Bridge behind them. It is the worlds longest suspension bridge connecting the lower and upper Michigan Peninsulas.

I haven't seen the mighty Mac in many years, but thanks to cell phones and "more bars in more locations" (many disappointed drunks out there) I can see it with my sister anytime!

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Blessings, Beth Ann

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