Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Here we are, the last week of July. Where did the time go? Should I mention that there is only 147 days to Christmas? That is only 20 weeks. Want to be really overwhelmed? That breaks down to 10 more paydays for us! Yikes! In the meantime, my oldest dd is getting married and having another birthday, as well as my middle dd, mother and myself. There is also several nieces, an aunt and grandma all having special days as well. Double yikes! Big sigh, such is life. All this leads to me rethinking and revamping our menus again. I have found another great book by Sue Greg with a ton of healthy, yet budget friendly recipes. Means replacing many meals with beans/legumes/lentils. I am thinking oldest ds will be real unhappy, but maybe someone who can afford meat can foster him until he earns his own money? Since this weeks menu is already in place, there is still meat on the menu. Guess ds is good at home one more week. Here is what we are having this week:
Monday: Goulash w/egg noodles and peas & carrots
Tuesday: Seafood chowder w/ tossed salad and bread sticks
Wednesday: Crock pot meatloaf w/ mashed sweet potatoes and garden green beans
Thursday: Crock pot lemon chicken w/ Parmesan new potatoes and honey glazed carrots
Friday: Baked pork chops w/ broccoli rice casserole
Saturday: Home made pizza w/ garden salad
Sunday: Hot & sour soup w/ veggie stir-fry
Other cooking for the week at my house includes but is not limited to: home made tortillas, home made ranch dressing, pecan date bars, pickled carrots and pickled okra.
What are your money saving menu ideas and whats for dinner at your house this week? For more menu plan Monday go to
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Yeah thanks, you just totally stressed me out. :) But your menu sounds delish'!