Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whats up Wed.

Hate to sound like a record,those are larger version of a CD, but ~ nothing. LOL I can't even really think of something exciting to post about. I thought maybe I would post about my oldest dd wedding gift, which I am ordering this week-end, and show everyone what it looked like. Then I realized she might read this and see it or someone would tell her, by accident. I also just finished making her birthday gift, so thought about showing a picture of that. Duh, see above mentioned reasons as to why that's not a good idea. Hmmmmmmm

Still thinking - LOL Mostly just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive.

I guess the only other big news is that this is tax free week-end for us here in TN. Just so happens to correspond with DH payday (10 left to Christmas). Since public schools starts here in less than two weeks all the school items will be hot. We actually don't use many school items, except paper and pencils. We will most likely start at the end of Aug. I am hoping to get all our stuff ordered in the next two weeks. With one in high school, one in middle school and two in pre school . . . You get the picture.

Well off to start dinner then bible study at church tonight. Two more weeks and dinners will also start back up. Yeah, a night off for me!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the night off!